Royalan Grob

Royalan Grob

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Priming coat for previously painted surfaces, hairline cracks and textural variations.

Container size(s): 5kg


KEIM Royalan Grob is a highly filled primary coat and filler for the KEIM Royalan system which reacts chemically with the surface. Can be used as a bridging coat on previously painted surfaces or to bridge hairline cracks and equalise the surface. KEIM Royalan is formulated for use in extreme climatic conditions.
The KEIM Royalan system offers water repellency, vapour permeability and forms a chemical bond with the mineral substrate. KEIM Royalan Grob is made using pure inorganic mineral fillers, lightfast inorganic pigments, additives, potassium silicate binder and glass fibres.

Consumption rate: 0.2kg per m2

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5kg, sample

Consumption rate

0.2kg per m2

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