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KEIM Lotexan

KEIM Lotexan is a clear, siloxane based water repellent and dust suppressant treatment for use on alkaline mineral substrates such as concrete, render and brickwork. KEIM Lotexan is a beneficial alternative to silicone which has a much larger molecular size and tends to fill the pores rather than coating them, reducing breathability and often sitting on the surface, creating a glossy or "wet look" effect. When applied onto mineral surfaces, KEIM Lotexan soaks into the substrate and, having a small molecular size, coats the pores of the mineral structure without blocking them. A chemical reaction takes place, creating the water shedding properties of the siloxane, imparting excellent water repellence while maintaining moisture vapour permeability through the open pores.


0.4-0.6 lt per square metre depending on substrate absorbency

5 Litre Container · £120.30
Buy A Sample Pot £3.00

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