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Browse our range of interior, exterior paints, washes, and finishes.

Colours for now.
Colours for Tomorrow.
Colours Forever.

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Christmas Shutdown

KEIM Paints will be closed for Christmas from 4pm Thursday 21st December 2023 and return 8:30am Tuesday 2nd January 2024.
Orders can be placed on our webshop during this period and will be processed on Tuesday 2nd January 2024.

The paint specialists.

KEIM have been crafting eco-friendly mineral paints since 1878. Odourless, incombustible, breathable paint is not a new concept; we’ve been the master for years, and perhaps the industry’s best kept secret…. until now! Browse our range of interior, exterior paints, and washes. With options suitable for coastal locations to concrete conurbations, heritage to high rise, we have a product solution to suit.
Reasons to choose KEIM:


Surfaces and textures; from brickwork, blockwork, and concrete, to sandstone, limestone and rubble; KEIM exterior product range has a solution for each.

For flint, terracotta and even glass, using our paint will create a rich luxurious matt finish, which is highly protective, and will last for years.

Our paints don’t just coat a surface, they become an integral part of the substrate, and allow it to breathe. KEIM – the best possible protection for the surface, the environment, and YOU!


Easy to apply onto both previously painted and unpainted mineral substrates.

Soldalit – ME

Degrades nitrogen oxide pollutants from the atmosphere, ideal for high traffic areas.


Ideal for harsh climatic conditions, such as exposed or coastal locations.


Eliminates the risk of blistering or flaking due to its crystalline nature.


Paints for use on plaster, concrete, brickwork, and stonework. Paint that can be applied to tiles. One coat paint for ceiling and quick turnaround projects. Paint for use in homes and offices that are healthy and odour free. Our range of interior paints has been specifically designed to provide a healthier indoor environment, that remains fresh for years or even decades to come.

KEIM – kind to you, kind to use, and kind to the environment.


Optil’s light reflective properties have been formulated for elegant interior applications making it ideal for both modern and historic buildings.

Ecosil – ME

Ideal for decorating areas used by people with allergies. Its photocatalytic pigments help to reduce noxious gases, and pollutants by transforming them into neutral substances.


The one coat, interior paint. Fast and easy to apply, making it ideal for ceilings. Its solvent and virtually odour-free nature, means that areas or rooms can be quickly occupied post application.


Suitable for bare and previously painted interior walls and ceilings, Colourwash is the easiest way to achieve a limewash aesthetic without the hassle of limewash.


Our range of render products follow the KEIM principle…to ensure the substrate can breathe, whilst providing durable protection which remains fresh for years to come. Our render systems are compatible with our mineral paints and available as; KEIM Universal Render (Uniputz 1.3), KEIM Universal Render Fine (Unitputz 0.6), KEIM NHL Kalkputz Grob (NHL-KP 3.0) and Turado.

Browse the range to find your match.

KEIM Universal Render (Uniputz 1.3)

Multi-purpose render suitable for both interior and exterior use, and extremely flexible allowing it to accommodate a high degree of movement such as thermal expansion and contraction.

KEIM Universal Render Fine (Unitputz 0.6)

Ready to use, pre-mixed renovation and thin layer wall render. It is based on hydraulic lime and white cement with sand and mineral fibre fillers.


A white cement-based render. versatile, fibre reinforced renovation render which offers the highest resistance against cracking due to its large, long fibre reinforcement. Ideal for both interior and exterior application

KEIM NHL Kalkputz Fine (NHL-KP 0.6)

A lime bound fine render for manual and machine application, used as a topcoat render for interior, exterior and damp areas. Acts as a bonding bridge for subsequently applied lime renders and is particularly suitable for historic renovation projects due to its unparalleled breathability.


View our range of water repellents, dust suppressants and fillers for interior and exterior substrates. Along with pre-treatments, primers and an environmentally friendly paint stripper.

Water repellents & dust suppressants

Pre-treatment & Primers

Filler & Repair

Paint Stripper

Colours forever.

KEIM paints don’t just coat the surface, they penetrate and bind with the substrate to produce a rich, long lasting, and durable finish that will last for centuries! KEIM paints provide protection against rain and UV radiation and can even neutralise noxious gases and pollutants in high traffic areas. Kind to use and to the environment, your project will look fresher for longer, reducing the time, effort, and cost and resource to re-paint…. Colours For Ever.

Check out our range of colours with shades and tones to perfect and compliment every project.

Colour Stability

KEIM won’t fade over time even in the harshest UV conditions or wettest climates, remaining as vibrant as the day they were applied. KEIM – more cost effective in the longer term.


Unlike conventional paints, KEIM natural mineral paints penetrate the substrate to which they are applied to create a long-lasting chemical bond, that remains fresh and vibrant for decades.


KEIM – uses 100% natural ingredients. No added VOCs. No nasty smells. Just pure minerals that allow your surface to breathe, making them safe to apply and kind to the environment.

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