Keim Universal Render Fine (Uniputz 0.6)

Keim Universal Render Fine (Uniputz 0.6)

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Pre-bagged fine mineral render, extremely flexible, versatile and easy to apply.

Container size(s): 20kg

Applied by trowel or machine, KEIM Universal Render Fine (Unitputz 0.6) incorporates a glassfibre reinforcing mesh which gives flexibility and negates the need for expansion joints (save where they are engineered into the building). KEIM Universal Render Fine (Unitputz 0.6) can be sponge floated smooth finish.

  • 0 – 0.6 mm grain size
  • Simple, reliable, and economic
  • Outstanding flexibility and durability
  • Ideal for renovation, historic monuments, and listed buildings
  • Suitable for use on mineral and organic substrates including glazed tiles, rubble stone, brickwork, concrete, timber, various insulation boards and marine ply
  • High breathability
  • Ideal for concealing cracks, flaking and differences in texture
  • Can be applied onto existing sound renders

Grain size: 0-0.6mm
Consumption rate: 1.1kg per square metre per mm thickness

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20kg, sample

Consumption Rate

1.1kg per square metre per mm

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